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KidsCare is back !

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KidsCare is back !

Hello parents,

We have some good news! KidsCare health coverage is now back in Arizona. You may qualify for this low-cost, high quality medical insurance for your children. There are a lot of great reasons to see if you qualify. You can see your doctor whenever your child is sick. KidsCare also offers a wide range of benefits like check-ups and immunizations.

You can get free, professional help close to home by scheduling an appointment. Call 1-800-377-3536 or visit book a convenient time. You can also enroll on your own at


Hola padres,

!Les tenemos buenas noticias! La cobertura de salud de KidsCare esta de regreso y se ha vuelto a implementar en Arizona. Usted puede calificar para el programa de bajo costo, que le ofrece un seguro médico para sus hijos de alta calidad. Existen demasiados beneficios y razones para aplicar. Podrá consultar a su médico cuando su hijo(a) este enfermo. KidsCare también ofrece una amplia gama de beneficios como consultas, chequeos e inmunizaciones.

Puede programar una cita y obtener asistencia profesional y gratuita cerca de su casa. Llame al 1-800-377-3536 o visite la pagina para programar una cita a una hora conveniente. También puede inscribirse por su propia cuenta visitando



After more than six years’ hiatus, KidsCare is now finally available as a health coverage choice for working families. This is exciting news for Arizonans who have been waiting for an affordable option for medical insurance for their children.

Now, families across Arizona who earn too much to qualify for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), yet find the cost of private health insurance unaffordable, will be able to apply for low-cost coverage through KidsCare. KidsCare is tailored specifically to the needs of Arizona children, some 30,000 of whom may be eligible, according to AHCCCS.

There are no enrollment deadlines, but the sooner families apply, the sooner coverage for qualified applicants will begin. Computer-savvy parents can either apply through AHCCCS at if they are comfortable doing so on their own, or get free, professional help close to home by scheduling an appointment. They can either call 1-800-377-3536 or visit book a convenient time and location online.

Help us spread the word that KidsCare is back by sending this information along to your partners and friends and telling families who may need coverage that KidsCare may be an option for them.



Author: Father Matters