Our once distant goal of spreading the Father Matters message throughout the country becomes more and more real each day as our programs continue to spread from state to state and Men’s Meeting Groups take root in the weeks that follow. In the not too distant future, Father Matters will be known as the father mentoring organization to be a part of because IT CHANGES LIVES!

Since our inception in 1997, Father Matters has experienced tremendous growth and accomplished many goals. Our one-day, six-hour programs are being presented throughout the United States. Representatives from Father Matters provide program-based presentations to agencies and organizations of every conceivable flavor. Additionally, Father Matters has expanded its presentations to include “Court and Custody” programs, which allow attendees to discuss their particular concerns with attorneys, mediators, and other representatives from the court system. “Queen for a Day” Single Mothers and “Mother2Mother” programs, the mother’s equivalent to our Father Matters programs, continue to gain in popularity.

Father Matters has been featured on various local television and radio stations throughout the United States. Numerous articles have been published about Father Matters, including a feature story on Vance and Father Matters which appeared in the national magazine Focus on the Family.

The Father Matters Newsgram has been published since June of 1998, giving us the opportunity to communicate to those who have attended our programs and to those who are on our mailing list. Our newsgram continues to evolve into an ever-more meaningful resource as we confront timely and relevant parenting topics and discussions. Most recently, the newsgram editor established a method that gives all of our readers an opportunity to submit additional input to be considered for publication.

Currently, we continue to support Men’s Meeting Groups and programs throughout the United States. We are also proud to report that our “Y.O.T” (Youth of Today) Program, a male involvement program, has demonstrated its success and continues to positively affect the lives of the youth and men involved. Efforts continue to expand Y.O.T into other high schools and to work with various court systems toward incorporation of Father Matters programs in lieu of less effective alternatives.