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You’ve seen what motivational training can do for individuals in all walks of life…from transforming their careers, to improving their relationships, to helping them make better choices; encouraging them to take charge of their future. Perhaps you’ve seen the effect of motivational training in your own life. And now, you have an opportunity to go beyond just believing these values.
You have a chance to bring this kind of change to others!
Father Matters has been delivering these life changing classes and workshops to fathers for over 21 years. We aim to help equip fathers with skills to: be actively involved as a parent and role model, make a commitment to support their child’s healthy development and mentor other men through life’s issues.
Due to the overwhelming requests that Father Matters has received to provide our workshops in other communities; we proudly announce an excellent opportunity to BOOK A WORKSHOP. Father Matters offers, for a fee, a variety of innovative and fascinating workshops, classes and support groups for fathers and their families. The classes are as follows:
“Fathers Mentoring Fathers” Workshop
Our one-day five-session program covers topics that are critical for today’s active, effective, and involved fathers. The topics are as follow:

  • Explore New Roles as a Father
  • Discuss Effective Communication Techniques
  • Hear Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children
  • Letting Go of the Past

“Strengthening Families and Communities”
This 12 week parenting class uses a number of different teaching strategies. All component areas are used to assist parents and children (3-18 years) in developing strong ethnic/cultural roots, creating a positive parent-child relationship, and increasing life skills necessary for functioning in today’s society. Anger management and positive discipline approaches are integrated to enhance parent ability to model and teach as a vehicle for fostering high self-esteem, self-discipline and social competence.
“Mother2Mother” Workshop
Equivalent of the “Fathers Mentoring Fathers” Workshop, but for mothers.
“Crossroads for Teen Parents” Workshop
Equivalent of the “Fathers Mentoring Fathers” Workshop, targeting teen dads and moms ages 13-20 years old.
Staff Development Training
Through this informative training session, your staff will learn more about Father Matters services and programs and how to effectively engage fathers and increase male involvement; producing long-term positive outcomes within the overall family circle. Our training will help to contribute to the greatest productivity of the whole team.
For more information please contact Father Matters at 602-774-3298 or E-mail

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