Job & Training Institute Reentry Program

The Father Matters Job & Training Institute Reentry Program

Father Matters is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has been in business for 26 years. We are committed to building stronger, healthier communities by supporting, encouraging, and uplifting all individuals within our community.

Our Job & Training Institute has a mission to empower men and women to become financially independent and work in a career that is rewarding and enjoyable.

Our Reentry Program offers pre and post release services that will help you gather skills that can help you with your transition back home, obtain employment and address any barriers you may face.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently Incarcerated
  • Releasing to Maricopa County
  • Male or Female
  • Releasing within 120 days

The Program offered while you are incarcerated is a:

  • 8 Week training program that covers occupational skills training in customer service, job readiness through the Arizona Career Readiness Credential and career planning.
  • Life Skills and group mentoring to help gather skills necessary to prepare you for your release.
  • Transitional planning that will address immediate needs that you may encounter within 30 days of your release.

The Program offered when you are released is:

  • Services for one year upon your release.
  • Intensive Case Management services that address your goals that you are working on and any barriers you may face.
  • Career planning, connection to employers and job retention.
  • Skill building classes, workshops, and groups. This can include Family Law, Child Support, Parenting Classes, Support Groups, and life skills.
  • Events and activities: Resource Fairs, Job Fairs and Health Fairs.

Supportive Assistance: Driver’s License/Identification fee voucher, work shoe vouchers, eyeglasses referrals, food bags, household supplies, bus cards, clothing and birth certificate vouchers.

To learn more, please check with your CO to determine when our next Information Session will be held or our next Enrollment Session.

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