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The Melton Foundation was founded by Lee Melton in 2005. He developed and implemented The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) at the University of Florida (UF). MEP exposed more than 2,000 minorities and white females to engineering careers and increased the Black student enrollment over 250% with an attrition rate less than 10% in less than three years. Today, UF graduates more minorities and white female engineers than any of its south eastern competitors. Melton was the co-founder of the National Society of Blacks in engineering which is the largest academic student organization in the world today. He enjoyed a career as a senior engineer and designed the original digital-synchronous-generator employed in the Military Apache Helicopter today. Melton has also performed extensive mission activities in America, Africa, Israel, Canada, Korea and on the Native Indian Reservations. He has raised eight children who have excelled in “educate to innovate” and servant-leadership. Today he is investing energies to spark a passion for STEM education, Mission and Community Building with a network of partners. Melton will complete his Doctoral studies at Golden Gate Seminary after surviving cancer last year.
Over the past twenty-five years family dynamics in many communities have changed dramatically at an unprecedented rate of incarceration, gang violent, poverty, drug addictions, prostitution, abuse, school drop outs, teen pregnancy, and suicide. Melton believes that a mobilized coalition (non-profits, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, religious & Christian organizations, businesses and community leaders) woven and working together can enhance commitment, conscience, competence, contribution, collaboration, continuity, and conversation to solve these exponential increasing problems. He believes that community building and economic development can be achieved beyond the restoration, reconciliation and revitalization of families in the Phoenix area of Central/32nd Street & Salt River/Dobbins Road.
The primary mission of the Foundation is outreach initiatives to empower families participating in the American dream despite race or social status in accordance to their God given potential. The vision is to substantially increase the pool of youths committed to “greatness” by providing tutoring, mentoring, academic-counseling, career-development and life-coaching coupled with scholarships and stipends to ensure their success. The Foundation core-values are to treat each human being with dignity, honor, respect, significance, forgiveness and love. We approach community development work in the most sensible and efficient way with the available peoples and resources.
Melton wrote ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, transformation of South Phoenix with a sound biblical blueprint: 2014-2017 in February, 2014 as a more creative paradigm to impact community building in this target area. Afterwards, Brooks Academy School was secured as headquarters. The library, cafeteria, kitchen, green house, computer lab and athletic play grounds are on site. In 2014, starting from scratch, the Foundation plans to impact (1) over sixty youths during the Neighborhood VBS Initiative in July, (2) over two-hundred youths during the STEM-Leadership education and back-to-school drive Initiatives beginning in August, (3) over sixty families, monthly, during the Entrepreneurship/Jobs (priority given to Veterans), Clothing/Feeding the Homeless/Needed and Transitional Housing Initiatives beginning in September, (4) over seventy youths during the Arizona Incarceration and Family Counseling Initiatives beginning in October, (5) over ninety youths during the Thanksgiving Festival Initiative in November, (6) and over two-hundred youths during the Christmas Celebration Initiative in December.
The biggest Foundation challenges are staff size and insufficient resources. For instance, $5,375.00 is needed before July 19, 2014. The Foundation has neither paid employees nor major sponsors. Melton and several volunteers are working very hard to build the organization capacity and infrastructure, funding-sources, coalition-partnerships, and powerful synergy that enhance human dignity and mutual respect; working very hard birthing teams and networks of teams that evolve in new ways of trailblazing toward unprecedented breakthrough and creativity that offers new hope in collective-consciousness and congruent-productivity.
The anticipated budget for the remaining year is $37,945.00. Additionally, the Foundation needs contributions: (1) three seven passenger vans and one truck, (2) five lap-top computers, two large flat screen TV’s, one HD digital camera, two desk-top computers, one commercial-printer, a screen projector, a professional photo cameras and three office desks (3) a home-based computer recording studio equipment, (4) back packs & school supplies, gift cards & Christmas presents for one hundred youths, (5) and six transitional houses for addictive families in recovery.
Matching In-Kind Funding is $100,000.00 life insurance benefits upon Melton’s death and two real estate properties with a net value of $48,000.00 (in negotiation). Melton will not accept defeat nor will he stop fighting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” beyond February, 2017. He will personally guarantee any loan amounts to meet urgent budget demand of $5,375.00 on or about July 19th (Payment will be made in October, 2014 or thereafter at an interest rate up to 20%).
The Foundation’s holistic transformational agenda based upon proven academic, professional, faith, and skill-set strategies will substantially increase the pool of successful youths who will emerge from STEM education and college in a powerful way with the excellence of character. We will call you or visit with you in the next few days to discuss your covenant partnership-commitment of faith-love, as well as, in-kind and any tax deductible philanthropy contribution which will support a sustainable, cost-effective and results-oriented Community Building Initiatives. We need all the help we can get.
Forest Melton Jr., M.S., M.H.A., President
Rev. Forest Melton Sr., M.S.E.E., CEO
Corine Hill-Hicks, Med.,
Lavera Meador, B.S.E.D.

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