Fathers Mentoring Fathers Program

Our five-session program covers five topics that are critical for today’s active, effective, and involved fathers. These “men only” programs provide a safe environment for the participants to open up their hearts and help one another work out their issues. Certificates are awarded upon completion. The topics are as follows:
We cover the importance of communication between a father and his family. Stressing how fathers have a significant impact on their children’s learning and behavior. How there comes a point in their lives when they must figure out who they are and how they must overcome the communication barriers that exist in order for their families to break free of the negative cycles that are blocking them from becoming a better person for their families.
Time and Commitment
We stress that a relationship is based on quality time. In this session men learn that what they do speaks louder than what they say and that they must use their time wisely to be good role modes for their children.  Ultimately they come to learn that if they do not take the time to influence their children, someone or something else will.
Here the men discuss the need to take family responsibility seriously.  Men come into their role as a father when their child is born and learn how to address the different and complex aspects that come with fatherhood.  Unfortunately in today’s world the family dynamic is growing more and more complex with the stresses of blended families, financially stressed homes and the involvement of significant others. Men must understand how to navigate these challenges in a positive and healthy manner.  In the session facilitators teach the men that fatherhood is no longer necessarily based on a biological bond, but rather on the social realities of today.
Dumping The Garbage
Men are reminded again that children will be apt to do what they do, not necessarily what they tell them to do. For this reason men cannot expect their children to lead moral and ethical lives if fathers themselves are not willing to identify and acknowledge their areas of need. This session is dedicated to helping men take personal inventory of their character and behaviors and to commit to cleaning up these toxic behaviors that keep them from being the very best they can be for their families. Some of the areas discussed are:

  • Alcoholism
  • Adultery
  • Drug Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Racism
  • Inappropriate Sex

Future Fathers
Our last topic focuses on the importance of joining and staying connected to a small men’s group. Father Matters believes that through our positive actions, examples and by learning from each other, participating fathers not only will become better men, but more importantly, their children will have better dads.

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