Math is fun 
By Mary Warren
Dads, help your child to be a Math Whiz!
Children learn math concepts as you interact with them. Help them see how math is involved in everyday life with these simple ideas:

  1. Point out circles, squares, and triangles in books or on store signs. Label the shape with the word (circle, square, triangle) that matches.
  2. Draw a shape on your baby’s tummy or back during diaper changes or baths and label the shape.
  3. Let your two-year-old choose to have her sandwich cut in half or quarters. Which size is bigger?
  4. Count the number of objects (balls, blocks, little stuffed animals) that can be put inside two boxes of different sizes. Can the big box or the little box hold more things in it?
  5. Play dominos with your 3 to 5 year old to help him learn counting and matching. The game Chutes and Ladders helps children learn basic arithmetic skills.

Most of all point out with enthusiasm that math is fun! Let your child teach you what she’s learning too.
Mary G. Warren, PhD,  IMH-E® (IV-P)
Best for Babies Dependency Court Children’s Mental Health Coordinator
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona