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Father-Matters-Vance-SimmsVance Simms:

Vance is a Life Coach, author, radio host and Founder/Executive Director of Father Matters, Inc., a nationwide nonprofit organization of “fathers mentoring fathers”. In this role he has become a visionary with a goal of turning the hearts of men back to their children and families.

Building strong and vibrant communities:

From the beginning, Father Matters purpose has been to promote the growth in socially and economically deprived communities. Our down-to-earth style is aimed at providing the tools necessary to empower men and women and their families to improve community well being.

Our accomplishments have enabled us to evolve into an organization known and respected for its ability to lift up individuals, families, and communities.

Even though we have done a lot of work in Phoenix Arizona we are not limited to the state. Our capabilities, knowledge, and involvement have been employed nationally in developing healthy and vibrant communities.

We are proud of our many successful endeavors we have accomplished and we will use these and others as models in our ongoing quest to promote healthy and energetic neighborhoods both locally, and nationally.

Our Mission:

Father Matters is a nationwide community development organization, committed to building stronger, healthier communities by supporting, encouraging, and enlightening today’s fathers and families.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to see men become more effective, more active, and more involved in their role as fathers with their children.

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