Scholarships for Dads!

“Providing Hope through Education”

Upon returning from a national Fatherhood conference in Los Angeles, the following thoughts and questions my brother Fred shared with me, is what gave birth to Fathers for Scholars Inc. (F4S)

“I began to wonder what would happen if dads were directly involved in the educational process of their children’s education. I asked myself, What if fathers in local communities began raising funds for scholarships. Also, what if dads came alongside other fathers with scholarships to help them continue their education. Fathers coming alongside fathers and young people to encourage them by being actively engaged in the educational process of the next generation. I see F4S starting with a focus on scholarships for fathers but growing into a full-service scholarship program for young men and women.”
Fred Browning, F4S Co-Founder and Board Member

It is my honor to introduce and recognize our Inaugural Fathers for Scholars Board of Directors: Fred; Freeman; Glenn; Reggie; Maria M; Travis; Maria B; Rashad; Christopher and Alex. Besides my strong respect for them all, it has been a dynamic experience establishing this venture alongside this diverse and talented bunch.

Our mission: Fathers helping fathers, and fathers helping families primarily through scholarships for educational success.

Fathers for Scholars originated with a common interest and goal, which is to help young men overcome barriers to success due to:

• Not being exposed to many positive male examples
• Having little to no role modeling of healthy parenting
• Minimal exposure to essential resources for successful living
• Being raised in environments where education was not sufficiently reinforced

Humble beginnings!
Although Fathers for Scholars officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2017, we began our journey in 2016 by gifting our first award to a young father who today is one of our active board member. Rayshad Montgomery’s F4S scholarship afforded him the opportunity to attend a National Conference in Los Angeles, resulting in him receiving his Nurturing Fathers Certification.

Rayshad reflects…“ I can remember one of the exercises we completed in one of the courses I took. In this workshop the instructor asked the group, “When was the last time you heard your father say I am proud of you, and how did you feel?” It was at this moment that I had the realization that my father had never said this to me. Even more alarming I couldn’t remember me ever saying it to my own children. Also, this program helped me get the self-reflection that I was not doing all the steps I could be doing to make sure my family was emotionally being taken care of, a key role in a child’s development. It showed me what I needed to do to change it! None of this was possible until Fathers for Scholars offered me the funds to cover the 4-day conference registration, travel and certification fees. My family and my community thank you Fathers for Scholars.”
Rayshad C. Montgomery, current F4S Board Member

Economics Matters
“Economic support of the family is an indirect, but important way fathers can contribute to their child’s development. Christiansen & Palkovitz (2001) argue that economic provision for child and family needs is the foundation on which many fathers build their involvement in family life and that it is integrated and connected with many other forms of father involvement. Fathers who do not provide economically for their families are more likely to disengage from involvement in many other aspects of their children’s lives than fathers who do provide economically” (Christensen & Palkovitz, 2001).

{Newsletter of the Father Involvement Initiative – Ontario Network, Volume 1, fall 2002 – The Effects of Father Involvement: A Summary of the Research Evidence -Sarah Allen, MSc and Kerry Daly, PhD, University of Guelph}

Education Matters

… “A fathers earnings are positively associated with the educational attainment, (Hill & Duncan, 1987; Kaplan, Lancaster, & Anderson, 1998; Yeung, Duncan & Hill, 2000), psychological well-being, (Amato, 1998), and earned income (Behrman & Taubman, 1985) of young adult sons and daughters even when mother’s earnings are controlled.
Paternal education is positively associated with children’s grade point averages (Alwin & Thornton, 1984; DiMaggio, 1982) cognitive and achievement test scores (Alwin & Thornton, 1984; Amato, 1987, Blau & Grossberg, 1992; Mercy & Steelman, 1982; Parcel & Menaghan, 1994; Steelman & Dolby, 1983) school attendance (Brown & Rife, 1991), and occupational status and earnings (Amato, 1998; Jencks, Crouse, & Mueser 1983; Kerkhoff, Cambell & Trott, 1982; Kiker & Condon, 1981; Sewell, Hauser, & Wolf, 1980).

I was privileged with a recent opportunity to speak on the “Fathers Matter Radio Show” hosted by Vance Simms. I was able to share my passions, vision and commitment to F4S in this interview. I recall a statement that Vance made, perhaps it was while we were offline that resonates well with me, and is a key motivators for me in this endeavor. He stated “in all his years of being involved and as CEO Father Matters, he has not come across any other organization doing what Fathers for Scholars is doing. After committing myself to 20 years of serving and working with responsible fatherhood organizations on a national level, I too believe F4S is an unduplicated necessity and endeavor.

We at F4S are poised and advancing with determination to be an agent for countless scholarship recipients, those who will fulfill their hopes for personal, professional and ultimately parenting excellence!

We are appreciative in advance for the support of allies like you who share our passion to address the challenges that fathers face in today’s society, by investing in, supporting and inspiring their education.

Ways you can help:

We are seeking future volunteers for the following:
• Academic coaches.
• Volunteers for fundraising and special events.
• Community ambassador volunteers

Categorically, Fathers for Scholars would be grateful for your financial support towards our 2019-2020 endowment goals, specifically to award a minimum of $10,000 in scholarships.

Scholarships Currently Available
Thanks to the giving and fundraising efforts of our inaugural board members, F4S has secured close to 50% of this 2019-2020 objective.

Funds for five (5) $500.00 scholarship are available, and we plan to release an application soon to search for a deserving recipient of our initial $2,500 award.

We hope you visit us to learn more about Father for Scholars, our scholarships criteria and application process. I also welcome an opportunity to speak personally with you!

Steve E. Browning, Co-Founder and Board Chair.

Phone: (480) 524-1166

When you invest in a dad’s success, you’ve invested in a child’s success!

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